E-Type UK's Unleashed

Jaguar E-type Unleashed: classic sports car reinvented with 400bhp V12

Modernised classics for extra reliability, comfort and performance

THE JAGUAR E-type is nothing less than an automotive icon and now, thanks to the British father-and-son firm aptly named E-Type UK, you can have a new one – sort of.

E-Type UK has specialised in restoring Jaguar E-types since 2008 and it has just launched the new “Unleashed” brand to offer buyers the full ‘restomod’ service, to thoroughly modernise an existing example of the car.

The first example from the Unleashed service is an E-type Series 3 coupé into which 4,000 hours of work has gone, revamping every inch of the grand tourer.

Although the classic curvaceous lines of the E-type with its long bonnet and circular headlights remain, E-Type UK has gently altered the exterior to smooth off the appearance.

E-Type UK's Unleashed

It’s modernised with LED lighting and much better brakes than the donor car ever had. Larger wheels have been fitted, as well, but thankfully retaining the glorious wire-wheeled design of yesteryear.

Inside, there’s a bespoke cabin that references the style of the original E-type but brings it more up to date. Custom-made seats feature hand-stitched leather, with heating elements hidden within.

E-Type UK's Unleashed interior

Chrome-rimmed instruments and a simple ball-shaped gear lever match the exterior style, while LED lighting enhances the ambience and there’s even Bluetooth, central locking, a heated windscreen and a push-button starter for the engine.

Under the characteristic long bonnet up front is a 6.1-litre V12 petrol engine. Those in the know might have noticed that it’s larger than the 5.3-litre V12 original. That’s just one of the many upgrades made to the unit by E-Type UK.

A bespoke exhaust system, fuel injection, electronically controlled cooling management and more have been added, in a bid to make the E-type’s engine reliable and usable on a daily basis.

Performance has been enhanced too, with up to 400bhp sent to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox.

E-Type UK's Unleashed V12 engine

To cope with the extra performance and modern driving demands, E-Type UK has also substantially upgraded the chassis of the car. Along with more modern materials and manufacturing techniques for some of the suspension’s components, the car features fully-adjustable dampers.

Due to the high level of bespoke craftmanship that goes into the Unleashed E-type, the service does not come cheap. Pricing starts at £325,000 … on top of the cost of a donor vehicle.

Nonetheless, the market for restomods and indeed faithful recreations of famous older sports cars is thriving, alongside that of electric conversions of classis cars, all designed to allow for reliable use of these vehicles.

E-Type UK has plans for other Unleashed models in the near future.