Toyota U-turn on bringing gorgeous new Prius to UK

Toyota has performed a U-turn and confirmed that the fifth-generation Prius will be coming to the UK after all.
Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid

Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid review

The 2023 Toyota Prius is shockingly good-looking and more efficient than ever. Shane O’ Donoghue finds out what British buyers are missing.
Fiat 500 TwinAir

Five of the most economical cars under £5,000

With the cost of living surging, you could be looking to swap your current gas guzzler for an affordable car with excellent fuel economy.
Toyota has sold 15m hybrids

Toyota has sold 15m hybrids

23 years after the now-ubiquitous Prius launched, Japanese carmaker Toyota has sold its 15 millionth hybrid car.
Me and My Motor: Dee Caffari, round-the-world sailor

Me and My Motor: Dee Caffari

Denise "Dee" Caffari is hardened to the cramped conditions of an ocean-going yacht, having circumnavigated the globe six times. Her boats can...
This is why a Porsche driver can pay the same road tax as a Prius driver

How Porsche & Prius drivers can pay same road tax

In an age of "fake news" this one might seem a bit suspicious: a BBC report on the case of a Porsche sports car driver who's paying the same...
Me and My Motor: Jason Isaacs, actor

Me and My Motor: Jason Isaacs

It's hard to watch television or go to the cinema these days without seeing Jason Isaacs. He plays Georgy Zhukov, the Soviet war hero, in The Dea
First Drive Review: 2017 Toyota Prius Plug-in

First Drive Review: 2017 Toyota Prius Plug-in

Toyota has been watching the recent commotion around diesel, which we now all know is the fuel of the devil, with some interest, not least
2016 Toyota Prius Mk 4 review

Toyota Prius Mk 4 review (2016 on)

Toyota didn’t make the first hybrid car but it is the first company you think of when it comes to combustion engine-electric alchemy...
Hyundai Ioniq hybrid first drive review by The Sunday Times Driving

First Drive review: Hyundai Ioniq hybrid

If you can hear a faint whining and whistling in the background, don’t start Googling tinnitus and resist the urge to waggle your fingers in your...
Euro NCAP launches "dual rating" crash test to show benefits of optional safety systems

Euro NCAP launches "dual rating" crash test to show...

A new system of rating cars for safety has been introduced by independent crash testing organisation Euro NCAP in order to highlight the benefits...
Toyota Prius Excel

First Drive: 2016 Toyota Prius Excel

Originally the torchbearer for ecologically sensitive road use, the Toyota Prius is entering a phase of midlife ubiquity as the jobbing Uber operative’s...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

What is the best eco-friendly non-electric hatchback?

Q. I want a new estate or hatchback that’s eco-friendly but not pure electric. Almost all my journeys are urban and less than five miles. I understand...