Fuel duty revenue plummets during lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown left a gaping £2.4bn hole in the treasury’s income from fuel duty in April and May, compared with last year.

Video: Irate customer sets petrol station on fire

A livid petrol station customer sought revenge for what he perceived as poor service, by setting the forecourt on fire.
Oil giant BP to acquire UK's largest EV charging station network

BP to buy UK's largest EV charging network

Ultra-fast charging points will soon be at a BP petrol station near you, as a result of acquiring the charging network developer Chargemaster.

New scheme launched to end service station rip-off

Motorists will no longer face rip-off petrol prices at motorway service stations under a Government crackdown.
Petrol prices

Petrol stations overcharged drivers £500m

UK motorists are being overcharged at filling stations by at least £2.50 per tank, a report has revealed.
American bought mints at petrol station, then cop pulled gun on him

Man buys mints at petrol station, cop pulls gun

CCTV captured the moment a man from Southern California was given the fright of his life after buying a pack of mints at a petrol station.
Jaguar and Shell let drivers pay for petrol from the comfort of their car

Drivers to pay for fuel from their car

What driver hasn’t wished they could pay for their fuel from the comfort of their car on a cold, rain-lashed winter’s day, or avoid a long queue
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Test your knowledge: Where and when was the world’s...

The world’s first filling station wasn’t anything like the petrol station most of us would recognise today. But it proved to be exactly what one...