Disgruntled customer sets petrol station forecourt ablaze

Twisted fire starter

AN ANGRY petrol station customer in Italy decided to enact revenge on the establishment, by setting part of the forecourt alight.

Captured on CCTV, the incident shows the moment a middle-aged man poured and ignited fuel at a petrol station near the city of Pordenone, in the early hours of the morning on August 16.

According to local police, the 50 year-old culprit vandalised the facility because of what he perceived to be an injustice the day before. Despite accepting his payment, the pump wouldn’t allow him to fill up his vehicle.

Local law enforcement was able to locate and arrest the irate Italian. Of all the evidence at the force’s disposal, the most useful detail was the man’s clothing, which the police used to track down the suspect at his workplace.

Thouugh the flames look severe, very little damage was done according to reports.

Credit: Carabinieri di Pordenone via Storyful