Reviewed: Airbubbl, a new in-car air purifier claimed to remove NO2, particulates and more from the cabin

A new air purifier for cars could help protect drivers and passengers from the effects of polluted air. We get hands-on with the Airbubbl.
Cheating VW ‘owes London £2.5m in congestion charges’

Cheating VW ‘owes London £2.5m congestion charge'

Volkswagen faces a £2.5m compensation demand from the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, for congestion charge underpayments linked to Dieselgate
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Volkswagen faked diesel emissions tests: UK probe to...

Martin Winterkorn, chief executive of the Volkswagen Group, has resigned. UK to investigate British VW's emissions.
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Volkswagen boss apologises as British drivers remain...

Volkswagen chief executive Martin Winterkorn has been forced to issue a public apology in the wake of accusations
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News: Ultra-low emission zone confirmed for London...

The mayor of London has confirmed that a proposed ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) will come into effect in the capital on September 7, 2020.
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News: EU tells UK to stop dangerous levels of city...

The government must take urgent action to clean up dangerous levels of air pollution in British cities, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled...