BMW M3 Touring estate with 503bhp unveiled ahead of global debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed

BMW has unveiled the M3 Touring, marking the first time that the company’s M3 has officially appeared in estate form.
Jeremy Clarkson says the new BMW M3 is a "blaze of glory"

Clarkson: BMW M3 going out in 'blaze of glory'

Jeremy Clarkson reckons the BMW M3 Competition is proof that its engineers are sending off the car in a "blaze of glory."
BMW reveals new M3 and M4

2021 BMW M3 and M4 revealed

BMW has unveiled the newest version of its ever-popular M3 and M4, as well as the even more powerful competition versions of both.
105mph in a 40 limit: teenage biker caught by own helmet camera

105mph in a 40 limit: biker caught on own camera

A teenage motorcyclist has been found guilty of excessive speeding, after footage from his own helmet camera showed him doing 105mph along an...
Video: Banned driver jailed after speeding at 115mph on 30mph roads

Video: Banned driver jailed for 115mph in 30 zones

West Midlands Police have release footage of the high-speed car chase that led to the jailing of a man who had already been banned from driving.
Me and My Motor: Singer-songwriter, Amy Macdonald, has a passion for fast cars

Me and My Motor: Amy Macdonald

Amy Macdonald had a No 1 album by the time she turned 20 and has gone on to sell more than 9m albums around the world...
My and My Motor: Chris Harris, the new star of Top Gear, on the cars that he has owned

Me and My Motor: Chris Harris, the new star of Top...

Relaunching Top Gear without the trio of presenters who had built it into an entertainment juggernaut was never going to be easy.
First Drive review of the 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia, by The Sunday Times Driving

First Drive review: 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Considering how many mediocre cars Alfa Romeo has turned out during the more recent chapters of its 106-year history ...
Jeremy Clarkson review the 2016 Mercedes-AMG C 63 for The Sunday Times

The Clarkson Review: Mercedes-AMG C 63

Right. Let’s be clear on one thing straight away. If you have a BMW 3-series, or a Mercedes C-class, or an Audi A4, then you are driving the wrong...
Me and My Motor: actor Laurence Fox on hopping from one car to another

Me and My Motor: actor Laurence Fox on his passion...

Laurence Fox changes cars like other people change trousers. The problem, the actor says, is he just can’t resist a good-looking Jaguar...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

2016 BMW M2 Coupé comes with 'Smoky Burnout' mode

If ever there was a car that lived up to BMW’s Ultimate Driving Machine hyperbole, it was surely the M3 of the mid-1980s. It was small and nimble...
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LCCS 2015: Born in a barn – classic car investments...

Classic cars aren’t sorely tempting just for their heady aroma of leather, petrol and oil, head-turning bodywork and spine-tingling engine note...
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News: Owners regard cars older than 08 registration...

Wearing a clip-on tie or buying a CD are deeply unfashionable but according to a new survey, there’s a third: driving an 08-registered car.