M25 closure: Traffic disruption nowhere near as bad as everyone feared

First stage to widen the A3/M25 interchange a success, as motorists heed National Highways’ advice and traffic levels drop more than 50 per cent.
M25 roadworks junction 10

M25 total closure: drivers told to expect delays

Widening of A3/ M25 interchange and installation of wildlife bridge means the M25 is closed completely, for the first time ever, this weekend.
Insulate Britain protestors could be jailed for future M25 protests after new court injunction

Insulate Britain protestors could be jailed

A court injunction has been granted to National Highways against activists from Insulate Britain.
Arrests following fifth M25 protest by Insulate Britain to block the motorway

More arrests in ongoing M25 protests

Police have arrested 23 protestors from the environmental group Insulate Britain following a protest that blocked part of the M25.
M25 protests

Arrests following M25 protests

Police arrested dozens of protesters yesterday, September 13, following a Monday-morning demonstration that blocked several major junctions.

Video: Runaway trailer causes huge traffic jam

Highways England has urged drivers to ensure anything being towed is properly connected, after a runaway wagon caused a five-mile jam on the M25.
Multiple car crash completely blocks M25 motorway

Multiple car crash completely blocks M25 motorway

A crash involving multiple cars closed all four lanes of the M25 London Orbital motorway yesterday, bringing traffic to a standstill.
Man waited 20 hours for the RAC at busy M25 motorway service station

Man waited 20 hours for the RAC on M25

The RAC breakdown service has apologised after one if its customers waited more than 20 hours for his car to be recovered.
Reader Letters: Criminal cyclists, dazzling brakes, smart motorway signs and more "Polite" notices

Reader Letters: Criminal cyclists, dazzling brakes

What can be done about cyclists who, when informed by a driver that they’ve gone through a red light, wait until you catch them up and then thump
Letters of the week

Reader letters: from cleaner motoring to pricy parts

VW is in hot water for creating a clever piece of technology, but could it not be used beneficially?
M25 book review

Products: M25 A Circular Tour of the London Orbital...

Like turning onto a slip road to join Britain’s busiest ring road, you approach Ray Hamilton’s “biography of the M25” with a feeling of trepidation
dorothy levitt

The heroes and harebrained: men and women who shaped...

Behind the 20th century surge in car ownership were a legion of men and women who pushed the boundaries of creativity, bravery and, often, stupidity.
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Hadecs3 speed cameras are the new top traffic cops

A ‘stealth’ camera on the M25 is outstripping traditional speed traps...