Multiple car crash completely blocks M25 motorway

Multiple car crash completely blocks M25 motorway

Four cars and a lorry involved

A CRASH involving multiple cars closed all four lanes of the M25 London Orbital motorway yesterday, bringing traffic to a standstill.

Surrey Police confirmed four cars and a lorry were involved in the incident, with “about 30 people all wanting to give their account” of what happened when emergency services turned up, according to road cop PC Dan Pascoe, who was first on the scene.

The cause of the accident wasn’t revealed but Surrey Police said tailgating was likely to have been an issue in the crash, which took place on the stretch of road near between junctions 10 and 11, near Addlestone, shortly after 1pm.

“Excessive speed doesn’t appear to be an issue but following too closely and not having sufficient braking distance is almost certainly a factor,” they said.

Despite the need to halt anti-clockwise traffic, Highways England and Surrey Fire and Rescue were able to clear away the wreckage incredibly quickly, with all lanes being reopened roughly an hour after emergency services arrived at the scene.