Motown metal: stars of the Detroit motor show 2018

It was once the biggest and best motor show America had to offer, with razzmatazz to rival the Super Bowl and enough new cars making their debut
California dreaming: star cars at the 2017 Los Angeles motor show, featuring BMW i8 roadster

California dreaming: 2017 LA motor show

The Los Angeles motor show is not the biggest in the world – it’s dwarfed by Frankfurt and Detroit – but it’s where car makers go to impress
Suzuki e-Survivor

AI and electric cars: 2017 Tokyo motor show review

When it comes to giving drivers a glimpse of the future, the Tokyo motor show is the event to follow. The biennual show gives the engineers and d
Me and My Motor: actor Patrick Stewart

Me and My Motor: actor Patrick Stewart

As captain of the Starship Enterprise, Stewart got used to travelling at warp 9. But his knees turned to jelly the night Paul McCartney...
Buyer beware: premium brands make less reliable cars

Named: the posh brands that bring big repair bills

Britain's drivers are embracing used cars like never before. Last year a record 8.2m used motors were snapped up
Sunday Times Driving Me and My Motor: Martin Clunes

Me and My Motor: Martin Clunes

Martin Clunes has a deep love of horsepower — of the mechanical and four-legged variety. When he’s not behind the wheel of his BMW or Lexus...
Me and My Motor: Charlie Mullins, multimillionaire boss of Pimlico Plumbers

Me and My Motor: Charlie Mullins, boss of Pimlico Plumbers

As a newly qualified plumber driving around London in his beaten-up Morris Minor van, Charlie Mullins would gaze at the Bentleys and Rolls-Royces...
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2016 Geneva motor show preview: the star cars announced...

If you’re thinking of buying a new car, you can’t afford to ignore the Geneva motor show (March 3-13). It’s the number one showcase for the...
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Big is back, y'all: Why the 2016 Detroit motor show...

Pretty much at the centre of the 2016 Detroit motor show was a monster. Nissan called it the Titan Warrior, standing almost 7ft tall and clad in what...
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LC 500: the car that surely puts Lexus back on Clarkson's...

FOR A fleeting moment in late 2010 Lexus sold a car that made the world forget that the brand was the preserve of Pringle-wearing golf club captains...
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First Drive review: 2016 Lexus RX 450H

When Lexus set about refashioning the RX SUV (the Japanese brand’s most successful car to date and therefore not lightly meddled with), one of the...
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Hey, Lexus, we need to borrow your . . . hoverboard

Flying cars, self-drying jackets, "sneakers" that fasten themselves, instant messages via fax: Back to the Future Part II, which was released in 1989...
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A history of car industry cock-ups and cover-ups

The car industry is no stranger to scandal, but periodically one erupts that rises above the usual level of corporate misdemeanour