Reader Letters: Short-changed on insurance, apparently faulty cars, false advertising, plug-in economy, diesel and confusing road signs

My Audi allroad finally died after 250,000 miles and I replaced it with a year-old biturbo version. Calling my insurance broker to switch my..."
Reader Letters: The joy of bikes, electric steering, supporting UK car industry, autonomous car and broken indicators

Reader Letters: Bike joy and electric steering

My wife’s Hyundai i10 returns about 40mpg and costs £30 a year in road tax. My Triumph Tiger Sport motorcycle returns 58mpg but costs £85 a year.
Land Rover Defender - Sunday Times Driving reader letters

Reader Letters: Brexit cars, HGV manners and more

The Land Rover Defender, reviewed by you last month...
Reader Letters: Walnut strip and blinking lorries

Reader Letters: Wolseley walnut strip, choice faults...

I was delighted to see my first car, the Wolseley 1500, reviewed by Jeremy Clarkson. I took mine over, aged 17, from my late grandmother in 1976...
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Letters of the week, March 8

This week: drug driving, the fuel debate and tiny indicators
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Letters of the week, February 1

This week: speed limiters, parking spaces and not using indicators...
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My car failed its MoT because replacement door mirror...

Q. There were originally indicators on the door mirrors of my 2005 Honda Jazz. After an accident I replaced the nearside one with a mirror without...