Spectator dies after Monte Carlo Rally WRC crash

A spectator has died after he was struck by a car competing in Rallye Monte Carlo, the first round of the World Rally Championship (WRC), organis

How can I prevent my car windscreen from misting up?

When I set off in my Hyundai i20 on a cold day the windscreen steams up and takes ages to clear. What can I do?
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Car of the week: MG GTS

It may cause MGB owners to splutter into their string-backed leather driving gloves, but MG is hoping to hook a new generation of young buyers with...
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What small and cheap but smooth car to replace my Citroën...

I am newly retired and plan to swap my Citroën C5 for a smaller, inexpensive car. I have owned three C5s, mainly because the hydropneumatic suspension...
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News: Hyundai reveals new i20 small car

Superminis are one of the most popular types of car with British drivers. Three new models will go on sale early next year - the Hyundai i20, Mazda...
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Car clinic: What small, five-door hatch with a long...

My husband and I want to buy a small, five-door hatchback for less than £10,000. What are the best options?
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Fuel sippers

DESPITE DEPRECIATION (the loss of a car's value as it ages) being the biggest single motoring cost, we are all obsessed with how much fuel our cars...
Hyundai i20 Mk 1 (2009-2015)

Hyundai i20 Mk 1 review (2009-2015)

The i20's not bad, but it’s short of the flair and polish that the best-in-class Ford Fiesta and VW Polo deliver.