Government pledges £500m to Jaguar Land Rover for electric car projects

Jaguar Land Rover has earned the support of the UK Government, courtesy of a substantial investment into the firm's new electric car projects.
UK Government commits £23m to pothole prevention

UK Government commits £23m to pothole prevention

The Department for Transport will invest £23m in research and trial initiatives at aim to prevent potholes from forming in UK roads.

All new homes to come with charging points

Electric car charging points will be included in every new home, as part of a new proposal by the Department for Transport.
Improved roads and more bypasses to be paid for by road tax

Improved roads and bypasses paid for by road tax

The government has announced plans to build new bypasses across Britain, as it attempts to tackle congestion in towns and cities. In a surprise
Promised fines for ‘ghost roadworks’ vanish into thin air

Promised fines for ‘ghost roadworks’ vanish

Utility companies have persuaded ministers to retreat from plans to impose fines on them for abandoning roadworks over the weekend after complain
Department for Transport won't close, says Number 10

Department for Transport to continue, says No 10

REPORTS OF the Department for Transport's death are exaggerated: Chris Grayling has been appointed transport secretary by Theresa May, the new prime...
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News: Persistent drink-drive offenders to be fitted...

Drivers who have been caught repeatedly drink-driving could be fitted with US-style electronic tags that monitor their alcohol intake, according...