Lotus Exige turns 20 with special edition

Now in its third generation, the Exige—Lotus' mischievous middle child—is celebrating its 20th birthday with a special edition.
Lotus to go entirely electric

Lotus CEO reveals more about its electric future

British car maker Lotus has told Auto Express that it intends to shift to an entirely electric line-up in the not-so-distant future.
2020 Morgan Plus Four Review

2020 Morgan Plus Four review

The Plus Four is the less aggressive brother of the Plus Six, though it still offers plenty of thrills, says Alex Goy.
Fun comes as standard with new Caterham Seven 310

Fun comes as standard with new Caterham Seven 310

Within the small circle of dedicated followers of British sports car maker Caterham, one model is the stuff of legend, spoken of in reverential whispers...
Full details of the 2016 Bristol Bullet, a £250,000 British sports car

British marque Bristol sets sights on comeback with...

There are mad dogs and Englishmen, and then there are Bristol drivers. The little known British manufacturer of sporting cars has fired the starting...
Video: Caterham spoofs airline safety briefing

Video: Caterham spoofs airline safety briefing

Be honest: how much attention did you pay to the cabin crew's safety announcement last time you took a flight? Not much, if you're a typical traveller...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

Fighting talk: 2016 Aston Martin DB11 hits back at...

To most people, Aston Martin conjures up images of the Swinging Sixties and Sean Connery at the wheel of a DB5, giving the Bond villains a run for...