Video: Caterham spoofs airline safety briefing

The captain has switched on the 'No tyre-smoking' signs

BE HONEST: how much attention did you pay to the cabin crew’s safety announcement last time you took a flight? Not much, if you’re a typical traveller. But perhaps this spoof video b British sports car maker Caterham will float your boat.

For occupants of its stripped-to-the-bones Caterham Seven 620R, which boasts 311bhp and can hit 60mph from standstill in a hair-raising 2.8 seconds, the firm has dug out some helpful advice.

Practical tips include how to fasten the seatbelts, store luggage securely, refrain from using a mobile phone during take-off and fit a jacket in the event of, er, water entering the cockpit.

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The obvious omissions include any reference to the on-board catering or joining the mile high club. Those may be best left to the imagination.

The company hopes the tongue-in-cheek, viral-style video will tempt more people to test-drive the Caterham Seven, which starts at £18,995 and competes with the Ariel Atom and Lotus Elise. Are you tempted to fly Caterham Airways?

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