Volkswagen and Ford to build vans and pick-ups together in new ‘global alliance’

As a result of this new partnership, Ford and Volkswagen will work together on releasing new vans and pick-up trucks as early as 2022.
Top 5: CES 2019 coolest car tech reveals

Top 5: CES 2019 coolest car tech reveals

The Consumer Electronic Show in Los Angeles tends to attract the latest and greatest car technology reveals, and 2019 has been no exception.
Jaguar solves congestion delays with tech that

New Jaguar tech 'talks' with traffic lights

Jaguar claims its new system, which prompts drivers when there's a red traffic light ahead, will help reduce journey delays caused by congestion.
Motorists warned of over-reliance on automated driver assist technologies

Motorists warned of reliance on driver assists

Thatcham Research and Euro NCAP have highlighted the risks of relying on driver aids, after tests showed the assists vary wildly from car to car.
Jaguar Land Rover trials

Jaguar Land Rover trials autonomous “virtual eyes”

Jaguar Land Rover has fitted “virtual eyes” to autonomous pods, to see if they’ll have an impact on people’s confidence in self-driving cars.

Driverless cars may kill the driving test by 2040s

Self-driving vehicle technology could see driving tests made redundant within the next few decades, the vehicle checker HPI has predicted.
Autonomous systems are

Safety body warns of 'self-driving' misinformation

The UK car safety body Thatcham Research has warned the misinformation on autonomous cars is "lulling drivers into a false sense of security".
Driverless cars on UK roads this year after rules relaxed

Driverless cars on UK roads this year

Fully driverless cars could take to Britain’s roads this year under plans to scrap the requirement for a safety driver to be in control at all ti
Would you use this new autonomous flying taxi from Audi and Airbus?

Would you use the new Audi autonomous flying taxi?

Ask weary travellers to name the worst aspect of international travel and it’s likely they will highlight the time-consuming business of getting...
Driverless cars may take over if humans are drowsy

Driverless cars may take over if humans are drowsy

The scene: a drizzly and dark M4 in the near future. A semi-autonomous truck is nearing its turn-off and the driver is alerted that he needs to t

GM to launch driverless car without steering wheel

The firsT mass-produced driverless car without a steering wheel will be made by General Motors, which says that it aims to have the vehicles on U
Caravaners rejoice: the self-driving car will take the tedium out of towing

Self-driving car takes the tedium out of towing

No list of the most mundane aspects of driving would be complete without including towing a caravan.
No more seeing red after Audi reveals cars that can 'talk' with traffic lights

Audi reveals cars that 'talk' with traffic lights

For drivers, dealing with traffic lights is always the same. When the lights are red, they'll engage neutral and apply the handbrake - only for