<strong>ASTON MARTIN VULCAN</strong> A 7-litre 800bhp-plus track-only bruiser that’s as British as moaning about the weather
<strong>BMW M2</strong> The smallest member of BMW’s family of high-performance M cars and one that elicits a surprising conclusion from Clarkson
<strong>FORD MUSTANG V8 V FORD FOCUS RS</strong> Old-fashioned Detroit grunt meets European turbocharged trickery. Clarkson and Hammond present the cases for each
<strong>HONDA NSX</strong> James May makes a rare track appearance to test this hybrid supercar. Mind-bogglingly technical and detailed ... and the Honda seems quite complicated too
<strong>PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS V BMW M4 GTS</strong> Two German track-day powerhouses. Clarkson approaches with an open mind, but then remembers one is owned by Hammond
<strong>ABARTH 124 SPIDER</strong> A sucker for a farty exhaust note and optional black bonnet, Hammond puts the fruitiest version of Fiat’s new roadster through its paces
<strong>JAGUAR F-PACE V BENTLEY BENTAYGA V RANGE ROVER</strong> A cross-Europe SUV showdown between expensive and sporty, very expensive and sporty, and Jeremy’s one
<strong>ALFA ROMEO GIULIA QUADRIFOGLIO</strong> It’s Italian, it’s beautiful. What more do you want? Clarkson peers around his rose-tinted Alfa glasses to see if it’s any good

Gallery: The cars of The Grand Tour series one

The Grand Tour isn’t all trips to Barbados — there are also cars

THE GRAND Tour isn’t all trips to Barbados and pretending to be super-army soldiers. There are also cars.

Check out the gallery above for 12 of the best to expect in this series. For more examples, including the hypercar “holy trinity”, as well as general behind-the-scenes photos from the first season, click here.


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