The gang gets together for shooting in Portugal
Getting acquainted with the hypercar "holy trinity"
Clarkson clearly hates his job  
McLaren P1, ready to hit the test track  
The sparks will fly, guaranteed
Porsche 918 Spyder. Behind a tree
Captain Slow behind the wheel of something quite fast
Planning a pan-European SUV road trip
Jaguar F-Pace put through its paces
When Clarkson tweets fans to “come along”...
A taste of life in the special forces at a Jordan facility
Clarkson's on a roll...
...and then stops for a cake
Ooh, don't forget the hamper, guys...
Putting the pedal to the metal in Jordan
On the Moroccan set of Game of Thrones
The guys go retro with some dune buggies
...and take on the Namib desert
It’s all downhill for Clarkson
Until he tries something "excellent"
Hammond test-drives a “bug-out vehicle”
He takes it to a tank training ground
...and encounters Clarkson. In a tank
Just how tough is the new Bentley Bentayga?
A Range Rover should never be this far off the ground
The live audiences seem as enthusiastic as ever
The Californian audience was clearly too much
The terrible trio in South Africa
The tent is 70ft long and weighs 48 tonnes

A grand photo gallery of The Grand Tour series one

A taste of things to come

AMAZON HAS let The Sunday Times Magazine loose in its archive of photos from series one of The Grand Tour, the new post-Top Gear show featuring Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

Check out the gallery above for a taste of what to expect when the programme hits our screens on November 18.

[Update: This page was published ahead of The Grand Tour special in The Sunday Times Magazine, October 30, 2016, and originally reminded readers to pick up a copy of the paper]

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The Grand Tour begins on Amazon Prime on November 18, 2016. Click here to sign up and watch.16.