Being Colin Turkington: the BMW M driving experience that will make you feel like a BTCC star

Want to be a circuit legend in the mould of BTCC champion Colin Turkington? A BMW M experience is a thrilling way to hone your skills.
Is the new 2018 BMW M2 Competition the best M car yet?

Is the new 2018 BMW M2 Competition the best M car?

The first pictures and details of the new, 2018 BMW M2 Competition have leaked online.
The cars of The Grand Tour season one

The cars of The Grand Tour series one

The Grand Tour isn’t all trips to Barbados and pretending to be super-army soldiers. There are also cars. Here are 12 of the best to expect...
Jeremy Clarkson's Star Cars 2015-2016

Jeremy Clarkson's Star Cars 2015/16

To be more than just a tool, a car must make your spine tingle...
Jeremy Clarkson review of the BMW M2

The Clarkson review: 2016 BMW M2

Two recently launched cars have sent the specialist motoring press into a squeaking frenzy of tinkle-clutching ecstasy. One is the Ford Focus RS...
2016 BMW M2 review by Giles Smith of The Sunday Times

First Drive review: 2016 BMW M2

Driving, as we know, is an endangered craft. Automation is on the way and the motor industry is now using the best part of its considerable ingenuity...
Sunday Times Driving Top 100 Cars 2016

Top 100 Cars 2016: Introduction and star cars launching...

For car builders and buyers alike, 2016 has all the makings of a bumper year. Manufacturers have a mass of new technology in their toolboxes that...