Transport Commissioner wants to ban all private cars from London

Mike Brown, the head of Transport for London (TfL), has said that there is no need for private cars in the centre of London.

Uber to appeal London ban

Ride-hailing firm Uber has said it will appeal Transport for London's (TfL) decision not to grant it a new licence to operate, putting 45,000 of
20mph speed limit to be enforced in London's Congestion Charge Zone by 2020

20mph limit in London Congestion Zone by 2020

A 20mph speed limit will soon be enforced in central London, as part of plans to heavily reduce the amount of road deaths in the city.

Tougher Congestion Charge limits proposed by TfL.

Transport for London has proposed a new range of Congestion Charge alterations, with the aim of substantially improving air quality in the city.
Check if your car is affected by the London T-charge and Ultra Low Emission Zone

What are the London T-charge and ULEZ

There are big changes coming into force for drivers who want to visit central London by car, as authorities grapple with poor air quality...
London pay-per-mile road charging proposal

Drivers in London face first pay-per-mile charge

Drivers in London could face a pay-per-mile road charge, as proposals are considered to cut the level of harmful air pollution and congestion wit
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News: London cuts limit on eight main roads to 20mph

Some of Britain’s main arterial roads will have their speed limit slashed to 20mph under radical plans to reduce emissions and improve safety
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News: Luminescent paint to help UK roads glow with...

Plans are under way for Britain’s first glow-in-the-dark roads, giving familiar routes a science fiction feel...
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News: Runaway bus crashes into house as driver tries...

Bus driver around the UK will be double-checking they've engaged their vehicle's handbrake this afternoon after the front of a house in Harold Wood...
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News: TfL plans to take foreign embassies to court...

Transport for London is calling for the non payment of more than £82m in congestion charge fines by foreign diplomats to be taken up at the International...