Honda Civic Type R values soar following UK factory closure

The closure of Honda’s UK manufacturing plant in Swindon has unexpectedly resulted in an increase in the value of new and used examples of the Ci
Honda closes Swindon factory after 35 years of car production

Honda's Swindon factory ends production

Staff at Honda’s Swindon factory have completed their final production shift, as the plant closes.

Honda will definitely close Swindon plant in 2021

Honda has confirmed it will shut down its Swindon plant by 2021, claiming "no viable alternatives" to the closure have been found.
It wasn't Brexit, Honda says, as Swindon factory closure confirmed

Honda factory closure: It wasn't Brexit

Honda has said that Brexit is not the reason for its proposed decision to close its factory in Swindon.
High hopes for a perfect 10 from Honda's new Civic

High hopes for a perfect 10 from Honda's new Civic

Has Honda scored a perfect 10 for its new Civic? It's hard to believe that this new model is the 10th generation of the humble hatchback ...