Andy Green Q&A: What it’s like to drive Bloodhound LSR at up to 628mph

The Bloodhound LSR team is packing up after a testing programme that saw Andy Green pilot the car to 628mph.
Bloodhound SSC car will make its 1,000mph land speed record attempt in autumn 2019

Bloodhound SSC will attempt 1,000mph in 2019

Richard Noble has had it with delays. In a rousing statement sent out this morning, the Bloodhound SSC Project Director announced...
Jeremy Clarkson on The Grand Tour: “We’re back! With all guns blazing”

Clarkson: “We’re back! With all guns blazing”

When it became obvious that Richard Hammond, James May and I were going to carry on making a car show, I knew only one thing for sure...
The world at their wheels: The Grand Tour episode guide

The Grand Tour episode guide

Get ready for expensive cars in exotic places and loud explosions, says script editor Richard Porter
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1,000mph Bloodhound SSC rocket car is the ultimate...

What youngster hasn't giddily unwrapped a new model car kit left under the Christmas tree or handed over for their birthday? But even the most advanced...
Jeremy Clarkson quotes: foreigners

Clarkson on: foreigners

Jeremy Clarkson has managed to land himself in hot water with Indians, Mexicans, Malaysians, Americans ... in fact, pretty much everyone in the world