London car scrappage scheme announced ahead of ULEZ expansion

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has announced details of a new £110m scrappage scheme.
How to scrap a car in the UK

How to scrap your car

If you need to scrap a car for any reason, here are some points to take on board.
Rumoured scrappage scheme will not go ahead

Car scrappage scheme rejected by ministers

A scrappage scheme expected by many to be announced this month has been rejected by ministers.
Transition to electric cars could be worth £24bn, says report

Electric cars could boost UK economy by £24bn

New government-backed research has found that a switch to electric vehicles could inject a much-needed £24bn into the nation’s economy.
Government considers £6000 scrappage scheme for electric car buyers

Scrappage scheme to stimulate EV buying

The UK government is reportedly considering offering electric car buyers a £6,000 discount as part of a scrappage scheme.
UK mayors call for petrol and diesel car ban by 2030

UK mayors call for petrol and diesel ban by 2030

UK mayors will call upon the Government to introduce a ban on petrol and diesel cars by 2030 — a decade earlier than originally planned.
What you need to know about government diesel scrappage and nitrogen dioxide reduction

Proposed diesel scrappage and NO2 reduction plans

The Department for Environment & Rural Affairs has published a consultation document outlining the government's proposals for reducing...
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Vauxhall resurrects £2,000 scrappage scheme in effort...

The vehicle scrappage scheme was introduced in April 2009 to stimulate a flagging economy, prop up the motor industry and perk up
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News: Thousands of classic cars destroyed in 2009 vehicle...

Hundreds of early Minis, MGB GT sports cars and Porsches were among the thousands of classic cars that were sent to the crusher under the government’s...