Waze unveils improvements to navigation app

At a virtual event today, navigation app Waze announced a raft of improvements to its service, aimed at reducing time spent in traffic.

A third of drivers are lost without a sat-nav

Nearly a third of UK motorists are completely lost on the road without the aid of a sat-nav, a new survey by has suggested.
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News: Sat navs to be standard on all BMWs

Put your maps and smartphones away — built-in sat nav is set to become standard in every new BMW from later this year
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Which should I trust - my speedometer or my sat nav?

Q. My sat nav generally indicates a road speed lower than that displayed on my car’s speedometer. At 70mph the difference between the two can be...
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How your car's gadgets can be used to track your movements...

After a sat nav helped prove its owner was a killer, Driving reveals how our cars are increasingly keeping tabs on our every move...
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News: Driving test could drop three-point turn in favour...

Learner drivers could be required to follow directions from a sat-nav system rather than reading road signs and the three-point turn could be dropped...
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Car clinic: how your sat-navs keep you up to date

Real-time traffic information fed to your sat nav claims to be able to help drivers avoid the worst of the jams.