2020 Audi S8 review

With the S8, Audi wanted to 'turn one car into two', with a split personality that offers both supreme luxury and sporty dynamics on demand.
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The Clarkson Review: Audi S8

I’m writing this on a six-year-old laptop. It has been around the world umpteen times and is used to churn out five or six thousand words a week.
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Audi S8 Plus is a 595bhp Porsche-eating stealth saloon

At first glance this large silver Audi may appear to be a lumbering luxury saloon that ferries fat cats or celebrities to meetings
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The five best Audi quattros money can buy

Audi may be a household name known for cars packed with technology and innovations, but back in the 1970s it was the poor relation of the German car...