Digital number plates gain popularity in USA but DVLA says no plans to bring them to UK

The Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency says there are no plans to permit digital number plates for cars in the UK, despite US popularity.
Are 3D and 4D number plates legal in the UK?

Number plate rules explained

Although the rules around the legibility of number plates in the UK are quite strict, customised plates are still a common modification.
New Green number plates for electric cars in UK

UK number plates explained

Number plates first became mandatory on cars in the UK in 1904 for most of the same reasons they’re still required today.
VAN 1TY: five-fold rise in personalised numberplates

How to add a private plate

There can be a lot of reasons why you might want to add a private plate to your car. Here we explain how you go about it.
Banned 20 registration plates

EU prefix among the banned '20' plates

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has revealed the new ’20’ numberplates deemed too offensive or provocative for our roads.
Is your numberplate legal? Most drivers can't tell, survey reveals

Most motorists cant identify a legal numberplate

A survey has found most drivers don't know what the fines for using illegal numberplates are — and even more can't identify a legal design.
The '68' registration plates banned by the DVLA for being too rude

The new registration plates too rude for DVLA

A new batch of registration plates in March and September means a new set of potentially rude letter and number combinations.

10 of the rudest numberplates

Twice a year, behind closed doors, a secretive meeting is held at the DVLA, with the intention of banning risque and downright rude number plates