Nearly half of all drivers admit to speeding on country roads

Survey reveals admissions to speeding are at their highest in six years.
9 in 10 drivers affected by potholes last year

Pothole crisis to worsen

Budget cuts, freezing weather and sanctions on Russia are among the factors contributing to the ongoing pothole crisis in the UK.
Guide to the new MOT test changes, including tougher diesel emissions limits

Electric car batteries to inspected in MOT update

The MOT vehicle safety inspection is in line for a significant set of updates in light of the increase in hybrid and electric vehicles in the UK.
Car Clinic: I've lost my locking wheel nut key — how can I change a flat tyre?

I've lost my locking wheel nut key

"The key to my locking wheel nut is missing; now I have a flat tyre and cannot change it. Any ideas?"
Electric car charging point parking bays

Price of rapid charging EVs jumps 21%

The average cost of topping up an electric car’s battery using a public rapid charger has increased by more than a fifth in the past eight months
Inoperative smart motorway cameras mean motorists go unpunished for driving in closed lanes

British drivers want smart motorways scrapped

Nearly two thirds of drivers believe that variable hard shoulder use in so-called “smart” motorways should be scrapped, according to the RAC.
This weekend expected to be busiest of 2021 for UK’s roads

Busiest roads of 2021 expected this weekend

Around 11 million motorists are expected to take to Britain’s roads this weekend.
Experts worry of inflated petrol prices over lockdown

Supermarkets accused of inflating petrol prices

Experts are worried that petrol retailers will overcharge drivers for petrol during the third coronavirus lockdown.
2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars: meeting deadline will be "enormous" task, says industry

Meeting 2030 ban is "enormous" task, says industry

The car industry has reacted to the news that the ban on new petrol and diesel cars will be moved forward by five years to 2030.
One in five young drivers video call behind the wheel

One in five young drivers video call at the wheel

A new study has found that almost one in five (18%) of drivers aged 17-24 admit to taking part in video calls while behind the wheel of a car. 
Cancelled holidays will lead to UK "staycations", says report

Cancelled holidays will lead to UK staycations

New research from the RAC predicts that the coronavirus pandemic could lead to the rebirth of the British summer holiday.
Pothole-related breakdowns increase due to winter storms

Spike in pothole-related breakdowns

Storms at the beginning of the year have contributed to an increase in pothole-related breakdowns, according to new statistics.
US oil prices drop below zero for first time in history

US oil prices drop below zero for first time ever

US oil prices have plunged into the negative for the first time in history, amid fears that storage capacity may run out.