What’s the best thing to do at the end of a car PCP finance deal?

Some nine out of ten new cars bought in the UK are financed through Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) deals; but what should you do when it ends?

UK motorists spend £1bn per month on car finance

Over 4.7 million motorists in the UK will repay nearly £13bn worth of car finance loans this year, a new study suggests.
Car buyers warned of car clocking risk as councils fail to tackle mileage tampering

Car buyers warned of clocking risk

Buyers are being warned not to trust the mileage readout of a used car until it has been checked by an independent firm

Boom to bust? Fears for UK car market

Britain’s £40bn car finance market could be heading towards a mis-selling scandal because of concerns about the reliance on debt to buy...
A staggering 1.9m cars on the road could have been clocked Is yours one of them?

Surge in clocking: is your car one of 1.9m?

More drivers than ever are tampering with the mileage of their car, according to leading vehicle valuation experts. New figures suggest...
Car clocking

Car clocking hasn't gone away, it's gone hi-tech —...

It's a damp December morning on an industrial estate. Behind a chain-link fence a line of cars sits, engines running. The first car in the line has...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

News: Drivers to earn money selling advertising on...

Formula One drivers do it, so why not private motorists? A company launches this weekend offering to pay motorists to advertise products on the sides...
How should I pay for my car?

How should I pay for my car?

Unsure which is the best way to pay for your dream used car? Driving explains the most sensible payment methods.