EU prefix among new ’20’ car registrations banned by DVLA

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has revealed the new ’20’ numberplates deemed too offensive or provocative for our roads.

Reader Letters: Sat nav blues and diesel dues

"I was amused by Jeremy Clarkson describing the sat nav in the Honda NSX as 'a work of fiction'..."
Reader Letters: Speed alerts, America's Route 1, post-Brexit numberplates and Clarkson's bust

Reader Letters: Speed alerts and Clarkson's bust

Driving along the M4 the other day I noticed brake lights ahead. Shortly after, I passed the source: two slow-moving, flat-base lorries in convoy
Top 20 most expensive number plates sold at UK auctions

The 20 most expensive numberplates

For some, they're the least cool thing you can do to a car since furry dice but some personalised numberplates are as highly prized...
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Letters of the week, December 20

This week: Peugeot 308, numberplate recognition, keyless entry, stop-start function and convertibles
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Letters of the week: September 13

This week: road tax, parking, numberplates, bus lanes, cyclists, head-up displays, sat nav speed displays, "fusty" Jags, Mazda brakes and motorway...
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Letters of the week, September 6

This week: The responsibilities of all road users, Ireland's low cost fuel, politeness, world numberplate differences, head-up displays and more...
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65-plate Special: Why the new September numberplates...

Though not vintage, the '65' plate does offer the opportunity for with to the nation's Wags.
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Car Clinic: Appealing a bus-lane fine, reducing diesel...

Sunday Times experts answer readers' motoring questions in the regular Car Clinic advice feature
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Your motoring problems solved

Must numberplates be white at the front of the car and yellow at the rear?