Reader Letters: Sat nav blues, detecting speed cameras in France, Brexit numberplates and diesel dues

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Not so street smart

I was amused by Jeremy Clarkson describing the sat nav in the Honda NSX as “a work of fiction” (“Pretty, well dressed and too clever by half”, February 12). I commute late most nights out of London on the M3, which can be closed at that time for its upgrade to a “smart motorway”. The trouble is, sat nav technology is far from smart, so it gives me little notice of closures and, while the warning signs on the M25 are usually correct, they are in places that are of no use for organising an alternative route. I often feel we night-time motorists live in an alternative universe.
Perry Mitchell, Farnham, Surrey


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Watching the detectors

John Ward says sat nav speed camera warnings are illegal in France (“Warned off”, Letters, February 12). Before I went on holiday to France last year I checked with the embassy in London to see what was allowed. Its response: “All road users have access to this kind of information [there are warning signs on the road], so you don’t have to disable it.” Units that detect mobile speed camera signals, however, are not legal, and French police hand out fines for them.
Richard Mills, Gunthorpe, Nottingham


Sticking it to the EU

Paul Cloutman asks about the EU flag on post-Brexit numberplates (“Symbolic display”, Letters, February 12). When my new Fiesta arrived in 2007, I bought two small flags of St George and stuck them over the top.
Jill Basten, Headley Down, Hampshire


Diesel double-cross

When I retired 13 years ago I bought a diesel Audi A4 Avant, having been assured by experts and the government that diesel was the way forward. It has just 70,000 miles on the clock, returns more than 50mpg and is in excellent condition; I expected it to be my last car. It seems I may soon suffer punitive charges, but in terms of cradle-to-grave carbon footprint surely I should be encouraged to keep it.
Edward Baker, Tunbridge Wells


Guilty as charged

Volvo XC90s and Range Rovers are not the only cars to suffer from software faults (Car Clinic, February 5). The RAC had to rescue us from our stranded Renault Twingo TCe 90 Dynamique after the battery had failed to charge. After six weeks with no fix in sight, it is still in the Renault garage. We bought it new, it has done 18,100 miles and it has been regularly serviced. Have cars become too complicated?
Barry Best, Tavistock, Devon


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