Shock as Which? magazine names UK’s most unreliable car

The Volvo XC90 SUV has been named the UK’s ‘most error-prone car’ in a survey of 47,000 drivers by Which? magazine. 
2018 Volvo XC40 D3 Inscription Engine Detail

Volvo recall due to potential fire risk

Nearly 70,000 Volvo cars will be recalled in the UK for an issue that, in "the most extreme cases", could cause the vehicle to catch fire.
Most common faults for UK's most popular cars revealed by

Most common faults for UK's most popular cars

Premium car brands have a reputation for frequent failures but new data exposing the chronic faults seen by UK garages suggests it’s...
The Fixer: My Audi Q5 had a safety recall, now I’m being charged to stop it happening again

Charged for repairs after Q5 recall

Although no car is immune to faults, owners of premium cars expect a certain level of quality and, should a problem arise, for it to be dealt...

Reader Letters: Sat nav blues and diesel dues

"I was amused by Jeremy Clarkson describing the sat nav in the Honda NSX as 'a work of fiction'..."
Car Clinic: Are owners of the new Volvo XC90 reporting many faults?

Car Clinic: Are XC90 owners reporting faults?

I was about to buy a Volvo XC90 when I noticed online reports about faults, plus lots of classifieds for six-month-old models ...
The Fixer: Are you having problems with you car and its manufacturer?

The Fixer: Are you having problems with your car

Have you had problems with your car and its manufacturer? We want to hear about it in a new series called The Fixer.
Car Clinic: Should I worry about a steering wheel lock warning on my BMW 3-series?

Car Clinic: 3-series steering wheel warning light

The warning light for the electronic steering wheel lock on my 2007 BMW 3-series is illuminated, though the lock works fine. Should I worry?
Car Clinic: What could be causing my BMW not to start?

Car Clinic: My BMW is hard to start. Why?

It’s increasingly hard to start my BMW. I’ve replaced the battery and had the fuel line checked. What next?
Penalty charge notice on car windscreen. Sunday Times Driving Reader Letters: bicycle tax, diesel cars and stealthy road signs

Reader Letters: bicycle tax, diesel cars, puddle beware...

Susannah West Yates says bicycles should be “taxed and insured, and their users forced to pass a test”. As some cars are zero-rated for vehicle...
2012 Skoda Superb timing chain tensioner problem

My Skoda Superb may have a fault that was fixed on...

I think there is an inherent fault with the timing chain tensioner in my 2012 Skoda Superb. There has been corrective work in America. Why not here?
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

Hybrid system fault brings another Toyota recall

First they wouldn’t stop; now they won’t start. Five years ago Toyota recalled 9.5m cars because they could suddenly accelerate out of control...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

A faulty vacuum pump on my 2009 Mercedes S-class mean...

During a valeting of my 09-plate Mercedes S 320 CDI, the rear headrests were lifted to the up position to allow cleaning behind them. Now they will...