Electric Aura sports car flies the flag for British innovation in EV technology

A consortium of companies has teamed up to create a sporty, long range electric vehicle that’s all made in Britain.
NASA wants car makers to help it build the next lunar rover

NASA wants to make a next gen moon buggy

NASA is gearing up for its first manned moon missions for 50+ years — and it wants car makers to help build the moon buggy it will use.

Pop-up charging point trials underway in Oxford

One of the chief obstacles to mass uptake of EVs is being addressed in trials of "pop-up" charging points for drivers without off-street parking.
James May BMW i3 The Grand Tour Season Three Launch

James May: like it or not, cars must go electric

Unlike his more opinionated colleague on The Grand Tour, James May believes cars will be infinitely better once they go all-electric.

Is Lotus making an electric car with Williams?

Former F1 rivals Lotus and Williams have joined forces, in a "strategic partnership" that will see the two work together on new powertrain tech.
No more seeing red after Audi reveals cars that can 'talk' with traffic lights

Audi reveals cars that 'talk' with traffic lights

For drivers, dealing with traffic lights is always the same. When the lights are red, they'll engage neutral and apply the handbrake - only for
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Will anyone warm to the Volkswagen Budd-e concept car...

With a name chosen to appeal to the selfie-generation, and electrically powered motors that can zip it along as quickly as a hot hatchback, the new...
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How your car's gadgets can be used to track your movements...

After a sat nav helped prove its owner was a killer, Driving reveals how our cars are increasingly keeping tabs on our every move...
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Video: Microsoft's HoloLens holographic headset is...

The days of spending hours hunched over a car’s engine bay, wondering what on earth is preventing it from starting, could soon be over. Hologram...
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News: VW unveils new self-parking system

Forget self-driving cars thundering down the outside lane. Tomorrow’s robot cars are more likely to be seen crawling forlornly through car parks...
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News: Nissan reveals new autonomous tech but “look...

If you think that soon we’ll be putting our feet up while our cars do the driving, the boss of Nissan has some good – and bad – news...