Waze unveils improvements to navigation app

At a virtual event today, navigation app Waze announced a raft of improvements to its service, aimed at reducing time spent in traffic.

Govt invests £10m in digital street mapping

The Department for Transport will spend £10m on a new real-time navigation system — though the setup likely won't be ready before 2020.

A third of drivers are lost without a sat-nav

Nearly a third of UK motorists are completely lost on the road without the aid of a sat-nav, a new survey by has suggested.

Tech: why does a paper map beat using GPS?

If you rely on GPS to navigate through unfamiliar streets, you may make more mistakes. Let your brain take the strain instead.

App tells you which streets are safest

Drivers are no strangers to using navigation apps, typing their destination into their phone in order to be told the quickest route. However, par
Bose headrest speakers "whisper" directions into driver's ears

Bose headrest speakers "whisper" directions

Stereo speakers built into a driver’s headrest are not a new idea and are typically found as an option for convertibles, where wind noise...
Reader Letters: Car dealer mumbo jumbo and postcode problems

Reader Letters: Car dealer mumbo jumbo and postcode...

Given the nature of the Volkswagen emissions scandal, surely owners deserve a little more transparency when they are advised that their car has had...