How to SORN a car or motorbike

If don’t intend to drive for a period of time, you can save money by declaring their car off the road using a Statutory Off Road Notification.
Using an iPhone on a motorcycle

Motorbikes can damage iPhones

Apple has released a warning that prolonged exposure to the vibrations caused by powerful or loud motorcycle engines could damage to the iPhone.
Are motorcycles the way out of lockdown?

Are motorcycles best way to get UK moving again?

The end to lockdown has posed a number of practical problems. One of the primary concerns is how to commute while maintaining social distance.

Middle-aged biker crashes rise by 65%

They are the born-again bikers who like to recapture their youth by taking to two wheels, but new accident figures show riding a motorcycle can
Zhao Deli flying motorcycle from China

Chinese drone engineer shows off flying motorbike

Flying cars from exciting tech start-ups may be the new hot thing for billionaire investors, but put a humble engineer in a shed...
105mph in a 40 limit: teenage biker caught by own helmet camera

105mph in a 40 limit: biker caught on own camera

A teenage motorcyclist has been found guilty of excessive speeding, after footage from his own helmet camera showed him doing 105mph along an...
Robot motorbike rider attempts to beat Valentino Rossi on a race track

Robot motorbike rider attempts to beat Rossi

For motorcycle riders, nothing beats the freedom of the open road and the feeling of man and machine working in perfect harmony. But if one Japan
Siddhartha Lal is bringing Royal Enfield back to Britain

The roar of Royal Enfield returns to Britain

Its signature thump echoed across two world wars, was a bass-drum beat for the Sixties and now, after decades dominated by higher-pitched, Japane
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The Wall of Death: Guy Martin's biggest challenge yet

Daft things started to happen when all the Jeremy Clarkson stuff kicked off and it became clear he was getting the boot from Top Gear
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Richard Hammond: Indian Chief Dark Horse isn't popular...

I didn't start riding motorcycles because they were popular. They weren’t, in the 1980s. Well, they weren’t popular with the mainstream...
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Guy Martin on his Indian motorbike adventure

TV daredevil Guy Martin returned to our screens on a 1,000-mile motorbike odyssey across India, where he indulges his passion for lorries, tea and...
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News: Acrobatic motorcyclist performs amazing stunt

It's a stunt even Evel Knievel would be hard pushed to emulate.....