Safety experts concerned over vaping in cars

Drivers who use electronic cigarettes are being urged not to 'vape' behind the wheel over concerns it could lead to accidents.
Reader Letters: touchscreen distraction, MoT emissions, stop start, no-parking signs and small car syndrome

Reader Letters: touchscreen distraction, emissions

Richard Porter’s review of the Volvo XC40 refers to the dangers of operating a touchscreen while driving. This is as dangerous as texting...
One in five drivers still using mobiles at wheel — but it could lead to disqualification

One in five drivers still using mobiles at wheel

Seven million motorists — representing one in five cars on UK roads — are still using a handheld mobile phone while driving, despite tough...
Nine million motorists refuse to put down their phones while driving

Nine million drivers refuse to put down phones

A report by motoring group the RAC suggests more than 9m motorists in the UK use a handheld phone to make or receive a call while driving...
Apple iPhone do not disturb while driving

Apple reveals 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' mode

Apple has announced a new system for iPhones that blocks notifications as it attempts to tackle the rising problem of driver distraction.
Bobbies on the bus catch motorists using mobiles

Bobbies on the bus catch motorists using mobiles

Police have fined dozens of drivers after commandeering a double-decker bus to spot them using their mobile phones.
Lorry driver jailed for four and a half years after killing student while on phone

Distracted lorry driver jailed for killing student

A lorry driver was jailed for four and a half years for causing the death of a “clever and artistic” 21-year-old woman by crashing into her broke
‘Irresponsible’ Jaguar advert is banned for encouraging distracted driving

‘Irresponsible’ Jaguar ad is banned

Jaguar Land Rover has been banned from running adverts that encourage motorists to multitask at the wheel....
Six points and £200 fine for using mobile phones behind the wheel from today

Six points for using mobile phones illegally

Penalties and fines for those using their mobile phone illegally when driving will be doubled to six points and £200 respectively from today...
Police urged to seize mobile phones from drivers caught using them behind wheel

Police urged to seize mobile phones from drivers

A representative of the Police Federation has suggested calls to seize mobile phones or sim cards from drivers caught using a device...
Phone use at the wheel goes unpunished

Life sentence proposed for killer drivers on phone

Plans to hit killer drivers with tougher jail sentences have been drawn up by the government, as it seeks to tackle the rapidly rising problem of
Dashboard screens risk drivers' lives, reports The Sunday Times

Dashboard screens risk drivers' lives

Car makers are not doing enough to stop drivers being distracted by touchscreen entertainment systems, says the man in charge of Britain’s roads
Android Auto launches on mobile handsets

Android Auto update works with all cars

Drivers whose car does not have a swish multimedia module could soon forget their touchscreen envy