Me and My Motor: historian James Holland

Despite owning a modern SUV, James Holland uses a 1949 Citroën as his daily driver. "I love it. It bombs along at 70mph to 75mph, no problem".
The star cars of The Grand Tour Season Three

The star cars of The Grand Tour season 3

The first two Grand Tour seasons starred some truly incredible cars, and the upcoming third series looks set to continue that trend.

Top 5: Underrated movie car chases

Countless classic car chase scenes have made their way onto the big screen over the years, but some haven't had their dues.
Top 5: Father Christmas sleighs designed by car makers

Top 5: Car maker sleighs

You've heard of "horseless carriages", but what about reinderless ones? It may surprise you to learn that over the years, some car makers have ha
Squirrels stash pine cones in car engine bay

Squirrels stash pine cones in engine bay

A Michigan resident got a shock when he discovered hundreds of pine cones under the bonnet of his car on May 11.
Me and My Motor: Brian Johnson, AC/DC frontman

Me and My Motor: Brian Johnson, AC/DC frontman

Brian Johnson, longtime frontman of the hard rock juggernaut AC/DC, is almost as at home on a racetrack as he is on stage.
Up to 30 Didge Vipers will parade at the 2016 Silverstone Classic

Snakes alive! Dodge Viper parade for Silverstone Classic...

The 1991 Dodge Viper was one of the most spectacular muscle cars ever to emerge from the land of the free. Intended to be a spiritual successor to...
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Big is back, y'all: Why the 2016 Detroit motor show...

Pretty much at the centre of the 2016 Detroit motor show was a monster. Nissan called it the Titan Warrior, standing almost 7ft tall and clad in what...
Ford Mustang 390 GT Fastback Bullitt races Dodge Charger, by The Sunday Times Driving

Faster than Bullitt: 1968 Ford Mustang vs 1968 Dodge...

Steve McQueen made the Ford Mustang a movie star, but could it really hunt down a Dodge Charger? Nick Rufford and Ben Barry hit the track to find...
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Video: Bullitt remake sees action transferred to, er...

It's not exactly LA, and the smart Nisa Local in sleepy Silverstone village is no downtown liqueur store, but as a tribute to the famous chase sequence...
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How can I import an American car, or buy one in the...

In the early part of the year, people in the UK get a little itch. It starts in January with the Detroit motor show...
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Faster than a speeding Bullitt

The car chase in the 1968 film Bullitt set new standards for the day and has been voted the best in film history ‒ but could the Mustang have really...
Top 10 Greatest movie car chases

The 10 best car chases in movie history

We nominate the greatest motorised pursuits committed to film