Buying Guide: Best dash cams reviewed (updated)

The technology that has been safe-guarding the reputations – and insurance policies – of good drivers in Russia for many years is now beginning to take the UK by storm. Our roads are by no means accid
Nextbase 512GW review: Sunday Times Driving's best buy dash cam 2017

Best dash cams of 2017 announced

Sunday Times Driving has announced its top dash cams of 2017, helping drivers find the best crash recording dashboard cameras currently on sale.
Reader Letters: Hearse campers, VW emissions fix failures, EV battery swapping, dash cams, Shell V-Power costs and DVLA data

Reader Letters: VW failures and fun in a hearse

I was interested to read about Peter James’s 1967 hearse (“Me and My Motor”, August 13). When I was an accountancy student in the mid-1960s...
Reader Letters: Hydrogen car future, spare wheels, dash cams, solar trickle chargers and reporting illegal cars

Reader Letters: Hydrogen cars and spare wheels

"The plan to ban new registrations of internal-combustion-engine cars from 2040 has generated many column inches about battery-powered..."
Porsche driver narrowly avoids car travelling wrong way on A3

Driver narrowly avoids car travelling wrong way

A Porsche driver captured on video the moment he narrowly avoided a collision with another motorist who was travelling in the wrong direction on
Dramatic dash cam footage captures light aircraft crash

Dramatic dashcam footage captures plane crash

The moment a light aircraft made an emergency landing onto a main road and burst into flames has been captured on a driver's dashcam.
Reader Letters: car envy, driving too slowly, leftie Europe, dashcams and a Mini impostor

Reader Letters: car envy, driving too slowly, leftie...

"I am thrilled to learn from Jeremy Clarkson that the reason other drivers are so reluctant to let me out from a junction..."
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Nicked by dashcam: the in-car cameras turning drivers...

As a motorist is jailed for dangerous driving on the strength of footage filmed by another road user, Driving asks whether dashcams are a force for...
Boris Johnson cyclist middle finger

Captured on dashcam: face of cyclist who made rude...

The face of a cyclist who made a rude gesture towards Boris Johnson was caught on camera by Driving during a dashcam test in London this morning
Products: Nextbase In-Car Cam Duo dashcam review

SPONSORED: Nextbase product range

View the complete product range from Nextbase, the UK's market-leading dashcam manufacturer.
Products: Nextbase In-Car Cam Duo dashcam review

Products: Nextbase In-Car Cam Duo dashcam review

Driving has tested a lot of dashcams over the past year or so but the new Nextbase Duo is only the second we've been sent that includes a rear-facing...
dash cam truck footage

Dash cam video captures lorry horror story

Footage has emerged of a 32-ton lorry overtaking a car in a manoeuvre that will chill the blood of any motorist...
Garmin NuviCam review

Products: Garmin nüviCam sat nav and dash cam review

According to its maker, the new Garmin nüviCam is the ultimate all-in-one companion for drivers who need directions, want to avoid traffic jams...