Products: Nextbase In-Car Cam Duo dashcam review

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What is a dashcam?

A dashcam is a small, windscreen-mounted in car camera that records the action in front (and in some cases behind) your car while you’re driving. It can prove to be a motorist’s independent witness when involved in an accident, while also saving motorists money on their insurance.

Nextbase is the UK’s best-selling dashcam manufacturer, according to retail analysts, GfK. Its 402-G is the biggest selling model in its range, but the new (August ’15) 512-G is now giving it a run for its money.


Here’s a run-through of its product range.



iN-Car Cam 512-G

Nextbase 512G

Price: £179.99 Buy now

The most sophisticated dashcam on UK roads. The Full HD 512-G is the only dashcam with a polarised filter that records without any glare or reflection. It also has an exclusive Sony exmor sensor that allows the dashcam to record night time driving in absolute clarity.

Stand-out feature: Its unique polarising filter, making it the best footage of any dashcam.



iN-Car Cam 402-G Professional

Nextbase 402G

Price: £149.99 Buy now


Multi-award winning dashcam, the 402-G has Full HD video recording with a top of the range F1.6 aperture and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) image processing to provide crispest footage, whatever the time of day.


Stand-out feature: The current bestselling dashcam in the UK.



iN-Car CAM 302-G Deluxe

Nextbase 302G

Price: £99.99 Buy now


The 302-G records video in Full HD quality with a wide F2.0 aperture to provide the crisp footage. GPS can track your location and present on Google Maps during playback.


Stand-out feature: With full HD, it’s a snip at under £100.



iN-Car CAM 202 Lite

Nextbase 202

Price: £79.99 Buy now


The 202 Lite can record video in 720p HD with a wide F2.0 aperture providing crisp footage. It’s compact and packs in motion detection, G-sensor and a 120-degree Ultra Wide viewing angle.


Stand-out feature: The G-Sensor uses G-force analysis to lock any footage it considers to have recorded an incident.



iN-Car CAM 101 Go

Nextbase 101

Price: £49.99 Buy now


The most compact Nextbase dash cam in the range, the 101 Go can record video at 720p with a large F2.0 aperture, four layers of lens glass to provide the crisp footage.


Stand-out feature: The size is almost the best thing about the 101 – but the price takes it. Unbelievable value entry-level product for your kids at under £50.




Nextbase Duo

Price: £199.99 Buy now


The DUO features two lenses offering all-round protection on the road. The first lens is directed towards the front of the vehicle, while the second camera points rearward with a 50m zoom lens, tracking everything behind as you drive. It’s crammed with all the usual Nextbase features too.


Stand-out feature: Without doubt, the two cameras and ability to watch footage back side-by-side.



The Ride

Nextbase Ride

Price: £249.99 Buy now


Unlike “action cams” — such as the Go-Pro — the RIDE continuously records the road ahead, has G-force sensors, GPS technology, as well as other features to capture and help understand what happened if an incident occurs. Insurers now accept quality dashcam footage as part of any claims process, helping motorcyclists prove an accident wasn’t their fault and solving any liability disputes immediately.


Stand-out feature: It’s currently the only dedicated HD dashcam for bikes on UK roads, and features GPS, a 1.5 inch LED screen and Wi-Fi capability.