The AA reacts to government proposal for two-year MOTs citing road safety concerns

The AA has hit out at government plans to reduce the MOT requirement for cars from annually to once every two years as part of proposal to ease t
Fuel duty will be frozen for ninth consecutive year

Sunak may cut fuel duty after petrol price soars

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, is expected to announce a 5p reduction in fuel duty tomorrow in an effort to cushion the impact of spiralling prices
Rear end car crash Skoda Fabia

Car insurances excesses rise by 25% in seven years

Analysis of car insurance policies has suggested British motorists are being stung by inflation-busting excess payment rises.
Parents paying hundreds of pounds to keep young drivers on the roads

Parents spend hundreds keeping children on road

With costs for under 25s continuing to rise, parents are having to contribute more and more money to keep young drivers behind the wheel.
One million drivers may have fake car insurance as ghost brokers take hold

Up to a million drivers may have fake insurance

A crackdown on easy credit is claimed to have led up to one million drivers to take out illegitimate car insurance.
Cost of car insurance drops for the first time in two years

Cost of car insurance drops

Drivers could be forgiven for wondering whether running a car would ever stop costing them more money each year. The price of insurance and fuel,
Dacia way to do it: Duster 4x4 is the most affordable new car to buy and run

Dacia Duster 4x4 is the most affordable car to run

Since the Dacia Duster went on sale in 2012, some of Britain’s 4x4 drivers have looked down their nose at the cheap and cheerful Romanian off-roa

Middle classes drive electric car boom

The middle classes are driving demand for electric cars - but have nowhere to charge a battery.
Big excess won’t cut insurance cost, drivers warned

Big excess won’t cut insurance cost

Insurers have been accused of ripping off motorists by allowing large excesses on car insurance without offering any savings on the premium.

Admiral charges Hotmail users more for insurance

One of Britain’s biggest car insurers has admitted increasing premiums for drivers who apply using a Hotmail account. Motorists seeking cover fr
RAC warns drivers to expect higher fuel bills

RAC warns drivers to expect higher fuel bills

THE RAC has warned that drivers face rising fuel prices in 2018.
Cost of motoring steers a million young drivers off the road

A million young drivers stay off the road

It used to be that you either enjoyed driving or you didn't, but even if you didn't the practical need to get from A to B meant you'd tolerate it
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News: Higher fuel prices and speed cameras rein in...

CONGESTION AND roadworks can reduce traffic to a crawl on motorways but away from these irritations and on rare, free-flowing stretches, fewer drivers...