What is AdBlue, how much is it, and where to buy it?

Governments and the car industry work toward increasingly stringent emissions regulations.
How to take care of your car during the coronavirus lockdown

How to take care of your car during Covid lockdown

It’s nice to think that you can leave your car in the driveway for a couple of months with no adverse effects, but things aren't so simple.
What spanners: older drivers nervous of DIY wasting £390m on car repairs

Millennials better at car maintenance than parents

It's a commonly held belief among older drivers that young people don’t know a dipstick from a crankshaft, but new research suggests...
Buying guide: pressure-washers reviewed 2016 by The Sunday Times Driving

Buying Guide: Pressure washer reviews

There is a simple way to distinguish a true car-lover from the general motoring public: pick out the person who is lovingly hand-cleaning...

How can I prevent my car windscreen from misting up?

When I set off in my Hyundai i20 on a cold day the windscreen steams up and takes ages to clear. What can I do?
Products: Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax review

Products: Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax

Waxing a car’s bodywork is the sort of job most drivers put off until next next weekend — and then the next, and the next ...
Specialised Covers Stormshield+ review

Products: Specialised Covers Stormshield+

For many drivers, their car is their pride and joy. Be it a shiny new Ford Fiesta ST or a classic Ford Escort Mk 1, weekends inevitably involve a...
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