Tesla Autopilot report shows improving safety record

Tesla has released its latest quarterly report showing an improvement in the safety performance of its Autopilot driver assistance system.
Tesla Model 3

Tesla Autopilot reduces driver attention

Tesla Autopilot to launch later this year, but study reveals its negative impact on driver behaviour.

US investigates Tesla Autopilot

A worrying series of crashes prompts an official investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot system.
Two dead in self-driving Tesla crash

Two dead in Tesla crash linked to Autopilot

Two people have died in a collision in Texas involving a Tesla Model S equipped with the car maker's Autopilot function.
Self-driving car trials launch in Oxford

Self-driving car trials launch in Oxford

Six Ford Mondeos have taken to the streets of Oxford, kitted out with self-driving tech by an Oxford University-linked company called Oxbotica.
UK government takes another step towards legalising autonomous driving

Government launches lane-keeping call for evidence

The government has published a call for evidence on lane-keeping technology, a step forward in the UK’s legal acceptance of autonomous driving.
German court calls Tesla Autopilot claims misleading

German court: Tesla Autopilot claims 'misleading'

A court in Munich has found that Tesla’s claims about its Autopilot technology are misleading and exaggerated.
Robot maker accused of marketing stunt after Tesla "kills" Promobot at CES

Calls of foul play after Tesla "kills" robot

There may be more to a video appearing to show a Tesla electric car knocking down a robot outside the CES electronics show than meets the eye.
Tesla driver caught asleep behind the wheel at 70mph

Drunk Tesla driver caught asleep at 70mph

A Tesla Model S driver has been arrested after police spotted the motorist asleep while his car was travelling along a highway at 70mph.
Tesla owner filmed in passenger seat using Autopilot says he was "unlucky one who got caught"

Tesla Autopilot user caught in passenger seat

The owner of a Tesla Model S who was caught on camera using his car’s self-driving Autopilot function while sitting in the passenger seat...
Tesla says all cars it produces are now fully self-driving

Tesla: all our cars now capable of self-driving

While the rest of the world continues to grapple over self-driving car legislation and fairly important matters such as whose safety...
British Tesla Model S owners in the dark after Autopilot suffers fatal crash in US

British Tesla Model S owners in the dark after Autopilot...

British owners of Tesla electric cars are waiting to hear whether they can safely use them after an American driver was killed while using the Autopilot...
British Tesla Model S owners in the dark after Autopilot suffers fatal crash in US

Switch to Autopilot: at the wheel of the self-driving...

It's mid-morning on the M4 and I am cruising along at 65mph. It’s a journey I’ve done hundreds of times but today there is something very different...