Google Bard AI will give car-buying advice and suggest electric car charging locations

Google Bard could potentially be used to offer car-buying and EV road-trip advice, say its developers.
Sell your car: Tips for selling your vehicle online with

Top fuel saving tips

If you drive a petrol- or diesel-powered car, brimming the tank is likely your biggest running cost.
How to save or make money on your car

How to make money from your car

As the cost of living bites, here’s how you could save money on – or make money from - your car.
Car Clinic: I've lost my locking wheel nut key — how can I change a flat tyre?

Tyre insurance explained

Tyre insurance is an increasingly common offering from car dealerships alongside a plethora of other policies such as dent protection.
CMA: UK needs ten times more electric car charging points by 2030

10 things to know before you buy an EV

EV ownership can be very convenient but it's different from owning a petrol or diesel vehicle — don't get caught out.
12 things not to leave in a hot car

12 things drivers should not leave in a hot car

When it’s just 22°C outside, it can reach 47°C inside a car within 60 minutes. These are the things you should leave inside.

Air-con problems solved

Once an expensive luxury, air-conditioning is now standard to most new cars, and it’s more necessary than ever.
Drive to reopen car dealerships

Car leasing explained

Car leasing is one way to get behind the wheel of a new car without having to fork out the full amount up front to buy the car outright.
Checking your engine's oil

How to choose the right oil

Car engines produce a great deal of heat and friction and it’s oil that keeps all the internal parts moving smoothly.
Ford introduces key fob with "sleep mode" that prevents keyless car thefts

Key fob signal blocking explained

Some of the recent surge in car thefts has been attributed to the rise of keyless entry. Here's how to reduce the chances of it happening.
Why is my car covered in Saharan sand?

Why is my car covered in dusty deposits?

The warmest Easter Monday on record brought not only temperatures reaching 25C (77F) but also mysterious deposits of dust that covered cars.
Toyota iQ tops list of best cars for students

Toyota iQ tops list of best cars for students

The Toyota iQ has been identified as the best car for students based on low running costs, ease of use and reliability.
Can you drive with a flat tyre?

Can you drive with a flat tyre?

Tyres are vital to the safety of your car. As the only part of the vehicle that touches the road, any defects or excessive wear can lead to...