Top four car adverts from the 2020 Super Bowl

Much like the teams that battle it out on pitch at the Big Game, car makers have no problem with going the distance with their Super Bowl ads.
Citroen C4 Alive with Technology Transformers danging robot TV advert

Ten brilliant Citroën car adverts

Over the last 100 years, Citroën has made many a great car commercial. Here are our picks of the best ads created by the French firm to date.
Famous film and TV cars star in cool new supermarket advert

Legendary film and TV cars star in Walmart ad

The US retailer Walmart has shown what using famous film cars day-to-day would be like, in an ad featuring them making a trip to the supermarket.
Reader Letters: Hydrogen fuel, broken headlights and right-hand-drive

Reader Letters: Hydrogen cars, broken headlights and...

Jeremy Clarkson claims he is “baffled” by the car industry’s reluctance to switch to hydrogen power. Perhaps this is why...
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Video: Jim Carrey's Lincoln adverts are laugh out loud...

Lincoln may not sell cars this side of The Pond but you don't have to be American to appreciate these spoof adverts featuring Jim Carrey.
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Video: The Lightmen cometh – Lexus “Strobe” film...

Anyone out for a late-night stroll in Kuala Lumpur today would have been forgiven for thinking their cocoa had been spiked.
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Test your knowledge: How is this man connected to the...

Here's a clue... it also involves Peugeot.