Opinion: If Uber is worth what the investors claim, I’ll eat my brake pads

With a name like Uber, a business could not make the scale of its ambitions clearer. Deutschland über alles, and all that...

Opinion: Gas could solve the diesel crisis

Despite the gloom, traffic pollution is on the wane – but don’t assume electric is the only way to power cars of the future, says Matt Ridley.
Opinion: Speed camera rage — I’ve felt the primal desire for revenge

Opinion: Speed camera rage

Controversy abounds, apparently, in the tale of the 23-year-old have-a-go chancer Chris Welford, who recently tapped the frustrations of many...
Opinion: Self-driving cars still need a human touch

Opinion: Self-driving cars need a human touch

When is a self-driving car not a self-driving car? Most of the time, actually. When the cab-hailing firm Uber announced it was launching...