European court calls for car fuel economy test to be replaced after studies find large over-estimations

The WLTP economy and emissions test, designed to be more accurate and real-world representative than its predecessor, is falling short.
UK motorists hit by "hellish" petrol and diesel price rise

2035 petrol and diesel car ban: 12 things to know

The ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars has been pushed back to 2035. What does the mean for used cars and their value?
Rishi Sunak 2035 petrol diesel car ban announcement

Britain to push back petrol ban to 2035

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced that the ban on pure-petrol and diesel cars is being pushed back to 2035.
London city night scene, Blackwall tunnel

PM to relax ban on petrol and diesel cars

It has been reported that Rishi Sunak is looking to postpone the 2030 and 2035 deadlines for the end of the sale of petrol and diesel cars.
ULEZ proposed expansion

ULEZ expansion approved by High Court

The High Court has ruled that the expanded ULEZ can go ahead, coming into effect from August 29.
Petrol and diesel should be phased out by 2035 "at the latest", advisers argues

Gove: 2030 ban on new petrol cars 'immovable'

Conflicting statements from Conservative sources have raised questions about the forthcoming legislation.
Iain Duncan-Smith China car production

Car market fixed by ‘brutal’ China, says IDS

China has manipulated the car market and EVs give the “brutal” country more of an advantage, say former Conservative Party leader.
Sunswift 7 became the first electric car in the world to cover a distance of 1,000 kilometres in under 12 hours

Aussie EV fastest over 621 miles on single charge

A solar-powered electric car built by an Australian university has entered the record books.
Rivian manufacturing

Car industry faces massive emissions overshoot

The car industry will spend its entire carbon emissions budget by 2032 and overshoot it by some 75% by 2050 unless it takes drastic action.
Michael Matheson, Holyrood

Holyrood blames typo for petrol ban delay stories

The Scottish government’s planned ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 has not been pushed back to 2032.
Insulate Britain protestors could be jailed for future M25 protests after new court injunction

Police to get new powers over road block protests

The government is expected to add an amendment to the Public Order Bill that would give police the power to curb protests that cause disruption.
Giovanna Drago claims she broke her knee when a pothole made her fall off her new e-scooter.

Illegal e-scooter rider sues council over fall

A woman injured while illegally riding an e-scooter is suing Barnet council in London for £30,000 in a case that could have major implications.
ULEZ expansion

ULEZ extended to cover all London boroughs

Hundreds of thousands of drivers face a £12.50 daily charge for driving in London from August next year after the ULEZ is expanded.