Watch the Hoonigans cut a Volvo estate in half and pull wheelies

Watch the Hoonigans pull wheelies in a Volvo

Volvo estates are usually spotted carrying Labradors or pulling caravans but after the team at The Hoonigans get their hands - and angle grinders
Arizona police release shocking dash cam video of the Uber self-driving car fatal crash

Police release video of self-driving Uber crash

This is the moment a self-driving Uber Volvo XC90 struck Elaine Herzberg as she was pushing her bicycle across the road in Tempe, Arizona.
Watch the trailer for 'Fastest Car', Netflix's supercar show to take on The Grand Tour and Top Gear

Watch the trailer for Netflix's 'Fastest Car'

Netflix has published a trailer for a new car show that pits supercars against souped-up custom cars.
James Corden cried while watching ‘beautiful’ Down Syndrome Carpool Karaoke

James Corden cried watching Down's Carpool Karaoke

Actor and TV star James Corden says he cried while watching a Carpool Karaoke-style lip sync video in support of World Down Syndrome Day.

The McLaren Senna's active rear wing is incredible

The £750,000 McLaren Senna was seen on track in front of the public for the first time at the weekend, during the 76th Goodwood Members' Meeting.
Would you use this new autonomous flying taxi from Audi and Airbus?

Would you use the new Audi autonomous flying taxi?

Ask weary travellers to name the worst aspect of international travel and it’s likely they will highlight the time-consuming business of getting...
Man waited 20 hours for the RAC at busy M25 motorway service station

Man waited 20 hours for the RAC on M25

The RAC breakdown service has apologised after one if its customers waited more than 20 hours for his car to be recovered.
Kia with a sting in its tail beats Ford Mustang muscle car in a drag race

Kia Stinger beats Ford Mustang in drag race

MOST DRIVERS buy a Kia because they are sensible cars, at sensible prices, with a seven-year long warranty – which is, again, jolly sensible. But
You'll cry when you watch £400,000 worth of sports cars crushed by bulldozer in Philippines

Video: Watch sports cars crushed by bulldozer

A Porsche 911 GT3, Mercedes SL55 AMG, BMW Z1 and Alpina B12 were among nearly £400,000 worth of cars crushed on Wednesday by a bulldozer...
See what a driver driverless car sees with mind-blowing 360° video from Google's Waymo division

Video: See what a driverless car sees

Will fully autonomous cars ever become the norm on our roads? There are several reasons to be sceptical but a chief concern is their ability...
Video: Sinkhole swallows car on street in Rome

Video: Sinkhole swallows car on street in Rome

The Italian fire and rescue service said it removed two cars after a sinkhole opened up on a street in southwest Rome in the early hours.
Man smashes SUV windows with sledgehammer after hit-and-run

Video: SUV hit with sledgehammer after hit-and-run

Mobile phone footage captured an alarming scene in the immediate aftermath of a hit-and-run in Miami, Florida, as a man approaches...