Rishi Sunak could face £100 fine after video shot in moving car shows him not wearing seatbelt

The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, could be facing a £100 fine having been filmed in the back of a moving vehicle without wearing his seatbelt.
Not wearing a seatbelt could bring three penalty points

Drivers to get points for not wearing seatbelt

Drivers stopped by police for not wearing a seatbelt could face penalty points on their licence under new road safety measures.
Skoda is working on glow-in-the-dark seatbelts

Skoda has developed light-up seatbelt buckles

Czech car maker Skoda has announced that it is working on illuminated seat belts that are easier to fasten in the dark. 

VW Polo still sold with rear seat belt fault

Despite being recalled for a safety issue, the Volkswagen Polo is still being sold with a faulty rear seatbelt design.
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Tesla Model S recalled in the UK over possible seatbelt...

Tesla is recalling every Model S it has built after a seatbelt assembly came apart in one car
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Test your knowledge: When was wearing a seatbelt made...

Wearing a seatbelt is second nature to us these days. Setting off without clunk-clicking feels odd – even without the incessant beeping from the...
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News: Harken smart seatbelt detects sleepy drivers...

A seatbelt that detects when the driver is sleepy and wakes them up could be available in cars in the very near future...