Brexit minister Jacob Rees-Mogg brands 20mph speed limits ‘ridiculous’

The minister for Brexit opportunities and government efficiency, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has branded 20mph speed limits “ridiculous”.
Ford develops tech to prevent overheating in cars

Ford's new tech to prevent deaths in hot cars

New technology, being pioneered by Ford and Hyundai, could help protect young children and pets from heatstroke in hot cars.
Birmingham cyclists asked to collect data on near-misses and problem junctions

Cyclists asked to collect data on near-misses

Cyclists in Birmingham are being asked to collect data on road conditions and dangerous driving so that town planners can help save lives.
Government reveals plans to spend £500k training instructors to teach cycling safety to learners

Government plans to spend £500k on cycle safety

The Department for Transport has unveiled plans to spend £500,000 training driving instructors to incorporate cycling safety into their lessons.
America could save nearly 100 lives a year after reversing cameras made mandatory — will UK follow suit?

US makes backup cameras mandatory, UK to follow?

All new cars built for American drivers must now include a reversing camera as standard, which could herald the introduction of the same rule...
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Traffic lights going nowhere despite calls for 80%...

We’ve all been there: quickly checking our smartphones; drumming our fingers on the steering wheel; willing on the red light to change to green...
Products: Shoft seatbelt device review

Products: Shoft seatbelt device

The Shoft device doesn't look like much but with promises of reducing back pain and increasing safety, it could be a no-brainer for those who drive...
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'Pay attention to the road, not the sat nav' safety...

Road safety groups once again are warning inexperienced drivers of the dangers of blindly following the instructions of sat nav systems ...