Hyundai recalls 82,000 electric vehicles after reports of fires

Hyundai has revealed that it will recall up to 82,000 electric vehicles and replace their batteries, after reports of fires emerged.

Merc G65 recalled for being too fast in reverse

The Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG might look as bulky as a brick privy but compared with other 4x4s it can sprint like Linford Christie
DVSA pushes for Mercedes-Benz to issue emissions recall

DVSA presses Mercedes-Benz to issue recall

Mercedes-Benz is being pressed by the DVSA to issue a UK recall, after after diesel "defeat devices" were found in some of its cars.
Mercedes-Benz affected by emissions defeat device recall in Germany

Mercedes emissions recall issued in Germany

Mercedes-Benz could be further implicated in the Dieselgate scandal, after German authorities discovered emissions-manipulating software in some
BMW to 'finally' recall 312,000 cars in UK over electrical glitch that risks lives

BMW to recall 312,000 cars over electrical glitch

BMW has confirmed it is to recall an extra 312,000 cars in Britain over a "potentially fatal" electrical fault that can cause cars to...
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Vauxhall launches recall of fire-risk Zafiras

Following a spate of devastating fires involving Zafiras and stretching back over several years, Vauxhall is writing to 220,000 owners of models that...
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Vauxhall Zafira fire fears: DVSA safety body says investigation...

It is every driver’s worst fear: a faint whiff of smoke enters the cabin of the car, and within a matter of seconds, there’s a fire raging away...
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Volvo recalls new XC90 over airbag trim-panel glitch

Volvo’s executives beamed with pride as they announced the new XC90 SUV was “one of the safest cars in the world”