Ultra-rapid chargers from BMW, VW, Mercedes and Ford to give jolt to electric car sales

It’s the infrastructure, stupid. Now the main obstacle to wide adoption of electric cars is being addressed by four of the big car makers.
Zipcar boss says ‘petty arguments’ by councils are delaying electric car infrastructure

Zipcar: ‘Petty' arguments delaying charging points

The boss of Zipcar believes “petty" arguments within London authorities are delaying vital electric vehicle infrastructure.

Watchdog bans "misleading" Nissan Leaf advert

The ASA has banned an advert from Nissan that highlighted what it called unrealistic recharging times for the car maker's electric Leaf.

The death of door mirrors: Audi e-tron has cameras

German car giant Audi has signalled the death of door mirrors, after revealing that its new e-tron electric car will be available with video came
Charge of the electric brigade as 175kW rapid chargers reach UK

High speed 175kW rapid chargers reach UK

One of the drawbacks of electric cars is the length of time the battery takes to charge when on a long journey. But a new generation of ultra...
Shell shock: oil company embraces electric cars with new Shell Recharge charging points

Shell shock: oil company embraces electric cars

Shell, one of the world’s largest oil companies, is to introduce charging points for electric cars at service stations across Britain.

New government incentive for electric cars

Electric car charging points will be installed at all big filling stations in Britain under government plans to increase the use of green cars.
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Dale Vince v Elon Musk: electric car tsars at war over...

In a windswept storage yard at a service station off the M25 lies a forlorn reminder of Britain’s electric superhighway dream...