Drivers should be able to pay parking fines in instalments, debt advisers say

Drivers who have been handed parking tickets should be able to pay their fines in "affordable instalments", according to a debt advice charity.
New regulations put an end to rogue parking fines

New regulations put an end to rogue parking fines

The days of extortionate parking fines on private land could be a thing of the past after a government clampdown on rogue car park owners.
UK councils expected to make up to £900m surplus from car park fees

UK councils could make £1bn profit from parking

UK councils will generate a surplus of nearly £900m from car parking charges this financial year, according to research by the RAC Foundation.
Cost of permits drives rise in front-garden parking

Cost of permits increases front-garden parking

The high cost of street parking permits has led to a surge in applications for dropped kerbs so that homeowners can keep their cars in their
Hospitals make £120m from parking

Hospitals make £120m from parking

NHS hospitals earned millions of pounds more from car park charges last year despite a government pledge to crack down on trusts that profited fr
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Why DVLA is immobilising innocent motorists

Bugs in the new system for policing vehicle tax leave drivers at risk of being stranded even if they have paid what they owe.
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Local authority parking charge profits surge to record...

Councils are making record profits from parking charges, new figures reveal...

Penalty charge appeal defeat puts private parking firms...

Private parking companies are celebrating after a motorist lost his court appeal against an £85 ticket
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The rise of 24-hour parking restrictions

One borough’s plans to impose 24-hour parking restrictions have been criticised as a money-making scheme and spell trouble for drivers and businesses...